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Monday, 19 October 2020

Guaranteed Picks NFL Week 7

Guaranteed Picks NFL Week 7

Last Week: 11-3

Season:  72-16-1

I started this as a joke this year; it is, as you may have guessed, only official in my head.  But it makes a cool title.  And since I started, I've picked better than at any point in my life.  Like not even close.  You see the number up there.  So since I don't gamble... had to do something with it.

  This week we're going old school;  thanks to The Helmet Project (click to see) all of the helmets designs for Guaranteed Week 7 NFL Picks are designs NFL teams have used in the past.  Enjoy!


Daniel Jones versus Carson Wentz suddenly looks like an intriguing matchup.  It obviously won't matter anywhere but New York and Philly, but two QBs  playing surprisingly well against two subpar D's could be fun.  When in doubt... go with the vet.

Prediction: Eagles 27 Giants 20


The Panthers were a cute story for a minute, but the Bears reminded us that even with CMC on the field, this is just an average football team.  The Saints have had a week to rest up, and have got to be tired of being written off.  This has all the looks of a statement game.

Prediction:  Saints 38 Panthers 20


After a trip to Tompa Bay where the Packers were fed a huge piece of humble pie, we're left with questions.  Was this just a bad game, or were the Cheeseheads just overhyped?  The Texans took a tired Titans team to the limit, but gave up a college football like number of points and yards.  The perfect recipe for Aaron Rodgers to bounce back with a huge day.

Prediction:  Packers 41 Texans 27


Thanks to the Steelers D... with some help from Baker Mayfield's overhyped @ss, Browns fans are left with the all too familiar reality that 2020 isn't their year either.  But reality isn't that bad.  They may not be contenders yet, but this team is still talented and still a playoff contender.  Joey B has taken the U out of Bungles, but wins are still a while away for the kid.  The Browns bounce back.

Prediction:  Browns 27 Bengals 21


Tompa Bay will be riding high after handing Aaron Rodgers his backside, but how high they fly this week depends on which of the Raiders personalities shows up.  If Carr can stretch the D the way he did against the Chiefs, it could be a short victory lap for the Bucs.  But two games in a row like that for the Silver and Black?  Nah.

Prediction: Buccaneers 38 Raiders 28


The Falcons showed the world where 0-5 came from by slapping the Viqueens around, while the Lions were very un-Detroit Lions-like in smashing Carolina.  The Lions route was a fluke against a bad team; the Falcons was the beginning of a pattern.

Prediction: Falcons 34 Lions 27


This could and should be the game of the young 2020 season as the AFC's last two undefeated teams face off.  The Titans suddenly look unstoppable; I actually had to look up when the NFL's last 200 yard rushing game was.  The Steelers, on the other hand, had been less than impressive before thrashing Cleveland.  But while the Titans may be the Best team in the NFL right now, I'm not buying Pittsburgh yet.

Prediction:  Titans 30 Steelers 23


The Seahawks come in off of a much needed week of rest, and depending on which Cardinals team shows up, that may be a good thing.  If that offence is on I don't see that Seahawks D keeping up at all.  But the inconsistent Cards can't be expected to show up two weeks in a row.

Prediction:  Seahawks 31 Cardinals 28


The Chiefs with a strong play action angle?  The Broncos will be hyped after shocking the Pats on the road.  And it will not make one bit of difference

Prediction: Chiefs 38 Broncos 17


A look at the Chargers schedule shows us that young mister Herbert should start notching wins, beginning with this week.  Two teams moving in opposite directions.

Prediction: Chargers 38 Jags 20


Look at how you'd have picked this game a week ago.  Welcome to 2020 again.  Was Cam's garbage game just an off week?  Was the 'Niners' win over the Rams?  I want to think Belichick is the safer bet, but even with injuries Shanahan just has more in the cupboard.

Prediction:  49ers 27 Patriots 23


People... myself included... continue to doubt the Bears.  They don't seem to mind.  They just keep doing their thing.  I'm just going to keep doing mine and doubting them.

Prediction:  Rams 24 Bears 16

Know what makes it all better?  A game with the New York (High School) J-E-T-S.

Prediction:  Bills 45 Jets 10

I'm going to enjoy saying this.  I'm not sure why.  It's just hilariously satisfying.

In a battle for NFC East supremacy... The 1-5 Washington Football team and the 2-4 Cowboys.

Best.  Sentence. Ever.

Prediction:  Cowboys 17 Nameless 13

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